JudgesEye workshop 11 17 16

a Competitors' Workshop:

"What Judges Really See"

at DCSX!

Nov 17, 7-10pm and continued Nov 20, 6-7pm

*Put yourself on the other side of the clipboard!*

Do you wonder what the judges actually see during Jack and Jills?

What's on that clipboard, and how do you decide scores?

Knowledge is power in this "behind the scenes" peek into the

world of judging a luck of the draw WCS competition.

... Improve your ability to asse your own performances

... Practice assessing mock contests, both heated and spotlight

... Hone your strategy for Jack and Jills

Receive training and individualized feedback as you participate in both sides of a West Coast Swing J&J comp with experienced professional judges Dawn Garrish and Kay Newhouse in this four hour hands-on, interactive workshop brought to the friendly DelVal area by R&S Dance Productions.

A terrific learning opportunity for anyone interested in Jack and Jill contests, serious competitors or those with casual interest in understanding these contests better, novice to allstar.

Experienced WSDC judges please email for separate registration.

Registration required.

$110 per person (earlybird discount before Nov 11)

RSVP on Facebook too!

Register here: http://dcswingexperience.com/competitorsworkshop