SPACE COAST Dance Club Presents Kay Newhouse

West Coast Swing Workshops and Private Lessons April 28-29, 2018

On April 28 Kay will lead a series of three fun hour-long West Coast Swing workshops followed by a dance with the friendly community in Melbourne, FL.

2 pm - Boom, Tick, BACON

Two beats define all the things in West Coast: the BOOM and the TICK. We’ll use “listen & move” exercises and work through some fun applied variations to make our dancing crisp and tasty in this hour -- and leave everyone hungry for more WCS. [Prerequisites: Sugar Push, Left Side Pass, Left Side Spinning Pass, Whip, Reverse Whip; sequences of these patterns, on your own or with a partner, with good timing.]

3:15 pm - Slow & Syrupy

No waffling! You need this class to make your dancing ooze and flow like a Westie on those slow songs. But it’s not just for slow WCS- the movement mastery we’ll explore in this one will make all your dancing smooth and sweet. [Prerequisites: Sugar Push, Left Side Pass, and Whip, on your own or with a partner, with good timing]

6:30 pm - Layer Cake, The Song

Dancing West Coast is so much fun! Inspired by the music, we’ll use some simple but effective alterations to our basic WCS patterns to have FUN with a funky song and bring some partnered play into our WCS. [You should already know: Sugar Push, Left Side Pass, & Underarm Turn AKA Right Side Pass.]

More information, location & pricing: or Facebook: Space Coast Dance Club

For Private Lessons on April 28 and 29 by appointment, contact Ron Smith at 202-664-0707 or via Facebook.