Sample classes

These classes and many others are available for workshops in your area. Kay can also design custom workshops based on your individual group. Their workshops are known for being elegantly planned, focused towards leaders and followers alike, and taught with clarity and a sense of humor.

Unless otherwise noted, classes described below are an hour, and are scaffolded to be rich and interesting for dancers of a wide range of levels. Contact Kay for more information.

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Sample group classes:

“Let the Music Move You”

Match music to movement with several playful exercises that will help you hear the picture created in the music, show what you hear, and bring your partner into the moment. Whether you are a leader or a follower you'll step away from this workshop with an extended vocabulary for making your dance more musical - and more fun!

"What the Judges See" (half day intensive for competitors)

*Put yourself on the other side of the clipboard!* Do you wonder what the judges actually see during Jack and Jills? What's on that clipboard, and how do they decide scores? Knowledge is power in this transformational "behind the scenes" experiential peek into judging a luck of the draw WCS competition.

"Fill the Space" Followers' Styling Workshop

Make slow music your friend! This workshop explores body styling options and syncopation tools for followers in the wide open stretches of slow music. FOLLOWERS ONLY, but visitors to the other role are welcome even if it's not your usual mode.

"Musicality Study" (half day intensive)

Musicality is what makes West Coast Swing the best dance of all! Creativity, partnership, confidence and inspiration all flow naturally from understanding how to dance to the music. No calculators or memorization required - Kay will have you dancing, listening, and applying these ideas in every session in this chock-full afternoon. Move your feet and stretch your brain along with the music. You won’t believe what you’ll hear, and how much the music will free you to DANCE. 3 hours: Structure, Layers and Color.

Work left brain, right brain, and all the stuff in between as we explore dancing to the MUSIC in West Coast Swing with simple exercises & rich applications. This isn't about choreography; it's about play and connection and exploring the music in three very different ways. And it's FUN! Prerequisites: basic WCS pattern fluency [sugar push, left side pass, under arm turn, tuck, whip, 4-count starter step; sequences of these patterns; ability to do them on your own or with a partner, with good timing]

Structure - It’s easy to understand how to count the music, why our WCS basics fit the music perfectly, and how to hit that break every time. These musical secrets keys make the whole thing work. This is the one about counting -- but you’ve got more toes than you’ll need in this entire hour!

Layers - There’s more to the music than the beat! Easy elements make our dancing match complex music, and connect with our partners in play. We’ll find the layers in this one, using simple structures to move with the elements of the song. This is the one about listening (sense of humor optional).

Colors & Textures - Get ready to paint! We’ll add color and texture in this hour, with creative exercises to expand that palette and sharpen our tools for spilling the music all over our dancing, and finding that mystical musical moment with a partner. This the weird creative one, coloring outside the lines; it'll be fun, promise.

"Where Ya Headed?"

All about action/reaction between leader and follower, this class explores ways we can take care of our partners of ANY level while adding creative elements and playing with the structure of our dance. Everybody's voice matters!