Are you looking for a way to make your dancing even more fun and exciting?

One-on-one lessons are a warm and friendly way to accelerate your learning with tailored material that applies especially to YOU. 

You will come out of our lessons feeling motivated and positive about your dancing, with specific tools and ideas that you can start using right away. Whether we work together for just an hour or on a more consistent basis, I'm eager to help your West Coast Swing be smooth and fun for you and for all your dance partners. I specialize in social dancing, in helping you learn how to have fun, safe, creative and cooperative dances with everybody you dance with, beginners to pros.* 

What's your best learning style? To maximize learning, some students
prefer the quiet focus of my full attention; others like to share a lesson with a friend or regular dance partner. Some students like to move quickly through new material; others like to process concepts extensively before moving on. 

Together, we will focus your learning and help your dancing grow in just the right way for you.

Send me a message < > or find me at a dance to chat about rates and availability, or just to ask a question or two. New students always welcome.

*Note: My ideal students are those who may find competition complementary to their dancing, but seek a balanced dance life that includes social dancing with partners of a wide range of levels; if your exclusive focus is on the competition floor, I'm happy to recommend a teacher who's a better match for you and your values. You have many wonderful options in this area. 

A good match between teacher and student is essential to your best learning.