Kay Newhouse is known throughout the DC West Coast Swing social dance scene and around the country for her playful dance style, friendly warmth, and community leadership. Co-director of Dance Jam Productions' MADjam, Swing Fling, and DC Swing eXperience, as well as a dancer, teacher and experienced judge, she believes that the best dancing comes from sharing your own joy on the dance floor, and learning how to find the wonderful connection that dance brings with another person, through music, in your own voice. 
Since with falling in love with West Coast Swing at Craig Hutchinson's Potomac Swing Dance Club, and sharing the halcyon days of the North River Bar in Manhattan (while earning a master's degree in Education from Teachers College, Columbia University), Kay has spent twenty years making dance friends and influencing the social milieu of our national scene. Confirmed as a "Global Dance Professional Instructors Association"-certified West Coast Swing teacher by "Grand Master" Michael Kiehm, she is also a current competitor and GPDIA-certified WCS judge with years of national and international judging experience, and has anchored many NASDE events' judging panels. She combines familiarity with the roots of our dance and its true social dance form with a solid understanding of the most current iteration of this rapidly-changing street dance, deep knowledge of the universal underpinnings to its variety, strong pedagogical skills, and a desire to help each student progress in the way that is best for that person as an individual.

Believing that the essential soul of West Coast Swing is social dancing, Kay is known for group classes that emphasize responsiveness within both leader and follower roles. Her workshops are elegantly planned, rich in deep information for dancers of multiple levels, accessible, and fun. 
As a one-on-one teacher, Kay is knowledgeable, encouraging, and supportive. She enjoys customizing instruction to your learning style and pace, while keeping an eye on the prize: happy dancing to music you love. 

Kay is also a sought-after consultant on sustainable, inclusive dance communities. 
Her "What the Judges See" half-day workshop is frequently cited by participants as a powerful way for competitors to shift their experience in Jack & Jills to a more full and robust understanding of that popular contest. Her work with Dance Jam Productions produced a Code of Conduct and a statement of Expectations of Professional Staff which have been widely shared and emulated by those seeking to strengthen WCS communities, including the World Swing Dance Council. The movement towards role-based rather than gender-based framing in WCS has benefited from her calm, positive and community-focused leadership. The "Newcomer Program" at DJP events has rapidly become standard-setting for events around the country, and has led several events to bring her onto their staff in a consulting and leadership role to focus on the experience of newcomers at their own events. 

Outside of dance, Kay works towards breaking the cycle of poverty through short- and long-term interventions with Interfaith Works, a 501(c)(3) social services organization with a long history of community leadership. Visit Kay's Interfaith Works peer-to-peer page to learn more or to support her work. 

More information on group classes is here and on individual lessons here. Contact Kay by email for information on private or group lesson rates and scheduling.