Kay's primary teaching location is in Rockville, Maryland. Lesson times are also available at local and national events. Send an email or text message if you'd like to arrange individual lesson time at one of these venues, or a workshop in your area. Contact info is below. See the "Group classes" page for sample class descriptions. Click here to join Kay's *mailing list*for details about upcoming events.

Trilogy Swing (September 7-10, Raleigh NC) 
Join us on the famous DC party bus for door to door service from Bethesda MD to the event hotel. Once there, we'll party with our southern dance friends for three days of fun & festivities.

This small, friendly event is just a short roadtrip north of DC, and full of warmth & family feeling. It's a perfect event for someone who prefers to dance with everyone in the room, and root for every friend. 

Atlanta Swing Classic (September 28-Oct 1)
West Coast Swing with a smattering of other dances in the south's most hospitable city. I'm hosting the newcomer track- please send your new friends our way!


With the best-run contests anywhere, a community feel, and some new twists this year, we're hosting another great event. You won't want to miss it, and I want you there! Hotel reservations. Tickets

It's new years with the palm trees, baby! Come with us for some classy california style sunshine.

Freedom Swing (January 12-14, Phildelphia PA)

MADjam (MidAtlantic Dance Jam) (Mar 1-5 in Baltimore MD) is the DC area's elegant signature event and the biggest, best-run WSDC contest anywhere in the world. Join Dave Moldover, Kay Newhouse and the Dance Jam Productions team at the gorgeous Baltimore Waterfront Marriott for this brilliant party.  

Boston Tea Party
Space Coast Dance Club (Florida) April 28-29


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